Electrical Test & Tag Services

When you or your business needs a trustworthy electrical technician to ensure your electrical equipment is safe and compliant, call on Trade Express Services.

Our technicians are fully qualified to guarantee your electrical appliances are thoroughly inspected and tested to meet the current Australian Standard, AS/NZS 3760:2010 - In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment.

Don’t take preventative electrical safety for granted. Safeguard you, your staff and your customers with regular inspection, testing and tagging of all your electrical equipment with a reliable, professional company.

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Our range of electrical compliance services include:

Test and Tag

Need your electrical appliances and equipment tested for safety? Our professional test and tag service includes a full electrical assessment of all your appliances. We conduct tests with the latest instruments to assure appliances are electrically safe. Once testing is completed we clearly label appliances with easy to read tags.

Trade Express Test and Tag service procedures include:

  • Visual external inspection of equipment: checks for damage, defects, wear or modifications to the item
  • Insulation Resistance Testing checking the integrity of the item’s insulation to protect users from live parts
  • Leakage Current Testing checking for any current leakage when item is turned on
  • Earth Resistance checking the earth connection of the item to ensure it can handle a fault current correctly
  • Polarity checking that the active and neutral wires are connected correctly

On completion we provide a comprehensive report on all items tested and tagged. Electrical items may need to be checked between 1 month and 5 years. Because of the different frequency items need to be tested, Trade Express Services will also log all services to create a maintenance schedule for future testing and tagging.

RCD (Residual Current Device) Testing

Don’t know if your safety switches are working? Our experienced technicians provide RCD Testing services to ensure your workplace and home is safe and electrically compliant. RCDs, otherwise known as Safety Switches, are designed to detect circuit faults and switch off power within the required time. It is vital your RCD is working to greatly reduce serious injury or risk of death. 

Trade Express RCD Testing procedures include:

  • Identify circuits protected by RCDs in your switchboard
  • Check your switchboard is structurally sealed and sound
  • Push button test to ensure RCD is operational
  • Measure trip time and current and check if complies with AS/NZS 3760:2010
  • Record all test results and action taken
  • Provide documentation to confirm RCD Testing performed

Trade Express can also take care of the mandatory scheduled RCD testing including push button trip testing every 6 months and operating time test annually.

Exit and Emergency Light Testing

Will your exit and emergency lighting work during an emergency? Functioning Exit and Emergency lights are critical in providing a quick and safe means of leaving the premises during an emergency or power failure. Our highly qualified technicians will conduct inspection and testing to comply with AS/NZS 2293.2:2019 - Emergency lighting and exit signs for buildings: Routine service and Maintenance.

Trade Express Exit and Emergency Light Inspection and Testing procedures include:

  • Inspect all light fittings and diffusers for correct operation
  • Replace any faulty globes, tubes or starters
  • Install Emergency Exit Lighting Test Switch (if not installed)
  • Test battery operation of lights (90 minute cycle)
  • Ensure all lights complies with AS/NZS 2293.2:2019
  • Report any faults
  • Reinstate power supply upon completion
  • Record all test results and action taken for each exit and emergency light
  • Provide documentation required under Fire Safety legislation and Essential Safety Measures guidelines, including compliance certificate and completed log book

Trade Express can also take care of the mandatory scheduled exit and emergency light testing every 6 months to ensure your safety system is compliant.

Asset Register

Trade Express provides complete and thorough records for every appliance that we test and tag in an Asset Register. Each item tested will have a tag and barcode label placed on it. The barcode is a unique Asset ID number with all electrical testing information recorded against that Asset ID.

The information in the Asset Register includes:

  • Type of appliance, tool or equipment
  • Make and model
  • Location of item
  • Result of test
  • Date of testing and tagging
  • Next testing date
  • Technician who performed testing
  • Action required for item

On completion of testing we can send out your Appliance Test Log. The Asset Register forms part of your OHS risk management documentation and is useful for your own asset management and insurance requirements.

Scheduled Testing

Do you know how often you need to test and tag? Our technicians do. Electrical testing can vary between 1 month and 5 years. This will depend on the use, the environment it is being used in and also the location of the item. With 15 years experience in electrical safety compliance, we know when your electrical equipment needs to be checked and will keep track of this for you. Experience the Trade Express scheduled testing service providing:

  • Friendly reminder before testing is due (email, call or SMS)
  • Drop off service: you can drop off portable items to be tested
  • Out of hours testing: convenient for busy workplaces that require essential electrical equipment during work hours
  • Full report of all test results

Repair and Replacement Services

Want to save time and money for minor repairs to appliances? In the event we detect damage or faults with your electrical appliance or equipment, Trade Express is able to offer minor repair and replacement services on the spot including:

  • Repairs to plugs and sockets
  • Changing plug tops to Australian 3 pin plugs
  • Replacement of globes, powerboards and extension leads

We will only recommend repairs if it is cost effective to do so. Once repairs or modifications have been made, we test and tag the appliance for compliance and include it in your report.

Industries We Serve

Trade Express provides testing and tagging services to all industries where electrical devices and equipment is used. We specialise in testing and tagging for:

  • Office Buildings
  • Schools (City and Country Victoria)
  • Factories & Warehouses
  • Nursing Homes & Aged Care
  • Kitchens & Bakeries
  • Tradies (Equipment Testing)

Along with the above industries we are also able to provide testing and tagging services to hotels and motels, government buildings, childcare facilities, defence sites, fire and police stations and more.

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